Correction of hallux valgus

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We successfully apply friendly to patients mini-surgery methods of hallux valgus correction. As the only clinic in Poland we perform anesthesia on local or regional level, which greatly increases the patient’s safety and comfort, and allows him/her to walk immediately after the procedure. Anesthesia is active for a few hours, it has not impair motor functions and minimize post-operative pain. No plaster cast also protects the patient from unnecessary suffering and complications. In this way, the doctor is able to fully control the process of healing, and the patient can wash the operated foot and that it's important... scratch the itch. Rehabilitation is shorter 2 - 3 times compared with traditional methods. The patient from the first day after surgery can move operated foot, and take a walk. A small scar after a few months is almost invisible. A very important benefit is to minimize the risk of septic infection. We do not use solid metal implants (plates, screws) that can cause allergies to metal.