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We provide occupational medicine services, as follows: •    pre-employment, periodic and control medical examination, •    driver and commercial driver medical examination,•    sanitary and epidemiological test for employees referred,•    psychotechnical tests for drivers and forklift operators, •    audiometric testing for employees referred.We provide diagnostic services as follows: spirometry, radiography, ECG, laboratory, and specialist services: internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology. According to Polish labor law, we set up the health and safety committees. We also visits the companies to perform vaccinations or trainings in first aid.We provide diagnosis and treatment medical services using modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.NZOZ "helpmed" launched a pioneering Academy of Preventive Health. Academy consists of programs, as follows: „Heart at Work”, „Brain at Work”, „Legs&Hands at Work”, „Lungs at Work”, „Spine&Joints at Work”, „Work-related Stress and Immunity”, „Psyche at Work”, „The Energy Expenditure of a Worker”, Work-Related Skin Problems”, “Forced Position at Work”.