The Programme

„Friendly Healthcare” for the Patient

„Friendly Healthcare” emblem guarantees quality health care to the patients. The medical procedures are performed by certified experts. Each of the Clinics honored with „Friendly Healthcare” certificate and emblem puts into practice the idea that „the patient is the most important.” All of them are the Clinics respecting the patient's time and through intelligent registration systems solve the problem of queues. All of them are the models of good practice in respecting patients’ rights. And very importantly, they constantly step up in improving the quality of medical services. A clinic honored with „Friendly Healthcare” emblem does for their patients much more than comes from standards and regulations. „Friendly Healthcare” Clinics are changing the face of healthcare in Poland. There are more and more such Clinics.

To obtain the „Friendly Healthcare” certificate and emblem, the Clinic has to pass through the audits covering its key features: the registration system, staff qualifications and experience, comfortable waiting room, patient care standards and available medical equipment. „Friendly Healthcare” Clinics provide services under contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as commercially.


„Friendly Healthcare” for the Clinic

„Friendly Healthcare” Programme is a path of continuous improvement. A way to become among the „Friendly Healthcare” Clinics is a participation in our audit. Depending on the audit results, a clinic may be honored with the „Friendly Healthcare” promotional emblem. A clinic honored with emblem and being a Partner Unit can have access on preferential terms to the services we provide. The services are access to „Knowledge Base”, as well as to the legal service and legal services, professional training programs and counseling programs.

Until 31 December 2012 participation in „Friendly Healthcare” Programme was co-financed by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development from the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy, Measure 5.2 „Support for business environment institutions providing pro-innovation services and their networks of supra-regional significance”. Starting in 2013, taking part in „Friendly Healthcare” Programme will be paid. However, our aim is still to seek external funding for the continuous upgrading and development of Partner Units.