Euro Med. Ośrodek Rehabilitacji

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About the Clinic

  • Specjalists & Services: ultrasonography, surgeon, physical therapist, cardiologist, speech therapist, massage therapist, sports medicine, neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, physiotherapist, rheumatologist
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    Clinic „Euro-Med” specializes in the wide range of rehabilitation treatment. There works high-qualified and experienced medical staff, whose purpose and idea of the highest possible level of medical services.

    Clinic „Euro-Med” is located in Tychy, Zgrzebnioka 22 Street and running since 2007. It provides medical care under contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as commercially.
    Specialists of „Euro-Med” every day help patients regain mobility. Each patient is treated individually and comprehensively, and can take an advantage of the many types of treatments offered by therapists. „Euro-Med” helps anyone who needs such assistance, regardless of age.
    Moreover, „Euro-Med” is actively involved in many public health promotion campaigns organized by the City of Tychy.
    The „Euro-Med” clinics employ the best professionals in the region, they are equipped with medical and rehabilitation equipment of the highest quality.
    Patients can make their appointment in person or by the phone.
    Clinic „Euro-Med” is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.


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