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About the Clinic

  • Phone 0048 91 487 45 98
  • Mobile 514 821 793
  • Fax 91 487 45 98
  • WWW www.kompf.com
  • Specjalists & Services: ultrasonography, surgeon, phlebologist, orthopedist, radiologist,
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    The Healthy Legs Clinic is continuation of family traditions since 1860. Clinic performs treatment of venous diseases and various deformities of the feet and toes (including Hallux rigidus) using the procedures of one-day surgery. With modern methods of treatments patient leaves the clinic after a few hours, on their own, healthy legs. After the treatment, patients can contact the doctor 24 hours a day.

    Clinic staff, despite many years of experience, constantly improving their skills, taking part in numerous congresses, symposia and workshops. Department actively supports the training and information seminars for physicians in other specialties.
    Patient consultation time is not limited by National Health Fund’s requirements. Doctor gives as much time as patient need.
    Appointments are conducted by telephone or through an answering machine, active after working hours. Further information is given over the telephone during working hours.
    During 17 years of activity, completely out of the National Health Fund (NFZ), the Clinic received a lots of certificates and awards.


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  • Correction of hallux valgus
    • We successfully apply friendly to patients mini-surgery methods of hallux valgus correction. We perform anesthesia on local or regional level, which greatly increases the patient’s safety and comfort, and allows him/her to walk immediately after the procedure.
  • Varicose veins treatment
    • In the surgical treatment we prefer modern mini-surgery method, that has found a lasting place in the modern phlebology. Varicose veins are removed under local anesthesia.